Bitcoin Prices Hit Highest Average Since September 2014

Bitcoin Prices Hit Highest Average Since September 2014


The price of bitcoin has been trending up amidst the latest saga in the media hunt for elusive bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, as well as increased activity on the Coinbase exchange.

According to data from TradeBlock, Coinbase accounted for as much as 80% of USD trade volumes on 14th December, up from between 10% and 20% the day prior.

Coinbase volumes have since returned to around 18% of US trade volumes at press time, with Hong Kong-based Bitfinex capturing the leader-share it has held for much of December.

Prices hit a monthly high of $470.88 on 12th December, three days after the release of articles byWired and Gizmodo connecting Nakamoto to Australian businessman Craig Wright, in what has became one of the year’s most widely covered bitcoin events.

Coinbase did not respond to requests for comment on the exchange’s uptick in activity.


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