Node Setup – Day Trader Coin

Step 1. Assign a Fixed ip to your NODE PC

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections’

Right-Click on your connection icon and press properties


Then Insert an ip of your choice were the “XXX” is ….

192.168.0.XXX or 192.168.1.XXX this depends on ur router some are with a 0 or 1 after 192.168.(1 or 2).XXX

Subnet is the same for almost everyone

Gateway is your routers ip address. Either or

DNS Can be left on Automatic!

Although i find when i set my ISPs DNS’s my Internet is Quicker and more Responsive

Normally u should have your ISP’s DNS

How to find you DNS?

Best way is call your ISP and ask for Primary DNS and Secondary


Google your ISP website, they always have them in Help Catagory

I sometimes use Google’s DNS it is “”


Step 2  Port Forwarding

Find your Setup IP. Its on the back of your router.

Once you login. Look in the “WAN” tab

Then you will see a tab called (Virtual Server or Port Forwarding)

So your PC can accept incoming connection, we must open the port in router. To access the router you would have to look under the router for ip or google your model and you you’ll find it.

Normal it is or

Default User Name & Password are both “admin”

You should change that if the user and pass is”admin”.

DTC Port is 39111

BTC Port is 8333

Same goes for almost all other coins. Find the Port of the coin and follow the same steps.


Last Step

Now you must add nodes to config file. This is IP address of other Nodes. Bitcoin isn’t necessary to make config.  Alt-Coin need it more.

Go to Windows Search. Search for “%appdata%”. Once folder is open place this in DayTradeCoin Folder “.conf

Download DTC config File HERE

Virus Free

That is IT!

You are done.

Launch your Wallet and now it will accept incoming Connection

Got Lost or Confused DM me on Twitter @CryptoRave