Microsoft Adds New Blockchain Services to Software Sandbox

Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform is set to integrate several new industry services when it formally launches its blockchain-as-a-service marketplace option next year.

Eris Industries, Factom and CoinPrism have partnered with Microsoft, according to a 15th December blog post. The platform had previously announced support for Ethereum and has been looking into integrating Ripple’s Interledger protocol.

The move comes amid increasing demand from incumbent financial institutions for products and services that allow them to explore the growing number of blockchain offerings and services.

As a result, industry services included are viewing their selection as validation that they have emerged as leaders in what has to date been a crowded market.

Eris chief operation officer Preston Byrne told CoinDesk:

“We’re delighted to be joining the Azure BaaS platform, and are pleased to see we’re in good company with projects like OpenChain and others. 2016 is going to be a great year.”

Factom president and CEO Peter Kirby remarked that Microsoft is “aggressively exploring how blockchain as a service (BaaS) tools fit into their ecosystem of products”.

“Factom was excited when Microsoft approached us to participate in the Azure platform. Integration was simple and seamless, and in Q1 2016 anyone can install Factom as part of their cloud offering,” he said.

Representatives for CoinPrism and Microsoft Azure did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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Bitcoin Prices Hit Highest Average Since September 2014

Bitcoin Prices Hit Highest Average Since September 2014


The price of bitcoin has been trending up amidst the latest saga in the media hunt for elusive bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, as well as increased activity on the Coinbase exchange.

According to data from TradeBlock, Coinbase accounted for as much as 80% of USD trade volumes on 14th December, up from between 10% and 20% the day prior.

Coinbase volumes have since returned to around 18% of US trade volumes at press time, with Hong Kong-based Bitfinex capturing the leader-share it has held for much of December.

Prices hit a monthly high of $470.88 on 12th December, three days after the release of articles byWired and Gizmodo connecting Nakamoto to Australian businessman Craig Wright, in what has became one of the year’s most widely covered bitcoin events.

Coinbase did not respond to requests for comment on the exchange’s uptick in activity.


Welcome to my Bitcoin Learning Center

I know there are meny of these sites. But the Difference is i aim to make Bitcoin Dummy Proofed!


In 2009 An Individual going by the name of ” Satoshi Nakamoto ” Released a White Paper with Bitcoin.

Then chose a Volunteer to finish his job cause apparently he simply sucked at actual coding. This Satoshi in my opinion is not a single person but a group of individuals.

So now We do not Know who this Bitcoin Satoshi Really is.


Satoshi is now used in the community to represent the numbers after the decimal point .Example 0.00000012  is twelve satoshie

Lets Get Started

Step 1 – Understanding What it is


BitCoin is as simple as an un-modifiable  Bank Ledger “Transaction Book”  That Ledger is Copied on 5000+ Computers Running a BTC Wallet; thats Where The Trust comes in to play. There is NO Data-Center or Headquarters.  Its Entirely Decentralized!


The Network has miners that simply Validate (Check the Ledger to prove the BTC is Real) + Transaction Priority (According to The amount of fees u add to your transaction.